General Divorce Articles

Divorce is the process by which a marriage is ended. A marriage is considered a partnership of sorts. During a divorce, marital assets are identified and divided and a decision is made as to whether spousal support/alimony is required and, if so, for how long and in what amount. If children are involved decisions are made regarding custody, visitation and child support. In those cases where domestic violence is a problem the decision as to whether a protective restraining order, jail or other protections are necessary.

Those cases where the spouses are able to agree on all of the issues that must be decided in their divorce are generally said to be uncontested. All other cases, when the spouses cannot agree, are generally considered contested. In a contested divorce an attorney or law firm will usually represent each spouse. An attorney can provide you advice as to what legal rights and options exist and provide guidance as to what possible outcomes are likely. Your attorney can then communicate with your spouse’s attorney and argue your position based on the law of your state and, if necessary, present your case to the court for a decision.

In some cases, the process of divorce can be time consuming and costly. However, a divorce that is poorly negotiated or hastily agreed to may be much more costly in the long run. Other decisions, in particular those involving your children, obviously cannot be thought of in dollars and cents. The right attorney can make a potentially difficult process easier and be available to advise you through decisions that may be stressful and emotional.