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What is Legal Custody in Arizona?

Legal custody in Arizona gives parents the ability to make decisions regarding their children after a divorce. Legal custody is also known as joint custody. With legal custody, both parents have a say in their children’s academic education, religious education and their overall health and welfare. A husband and wife may request joint legal custody […]

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In Arizona, How Long Does a Divorce Take?

Individuals who file for divorce in Arizona must take certain steps and go through the proper channels. It takes a minimum of 60 days to get divorced in Arizona because the law states that the court can not issue a divorce until 60 days after papers are filed and delivered. Additional factors can affect how […]

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Proving Your Spouse’s Income for Determining Child Support

Proving your spouses income for determining child support is essential for receiving a fair child support contribution. If the spouse wants to hide his or her income to avoid paying as much in child support it can be hard to prove. Generally, courts consider income to include wages, income from a business the spouse operates, […]

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Divorce with Kids: Tax Issues That Matter

Wise people know it is not the amount of money you earn, it is the amount you take home that matters. One way to increase your take home pay is to minimize the amount of taxable income you have. It is important to know what tax deductions and credits will apply to you after your […]

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Who Gets the Ring if the Marriage is Called Off?

engagement ring The answer to this question will vary from state-to-state. In most states if the marriage does not occur the engagement ring must be returned. Click Here to Read More.

Common Law vs. Community Property States

The way marital property is divided varies from state to state. States fall into two general categories as to how they divide marital property: community property states and common law states. Generally, in community property states the courts primary objective is to simply divide the property between the spouses (Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Washington). Click Here to Read More.

Divorce and Debt

It is important to understand that in addition to assets such as stocks or a house, debts such as credit cards and mortgage loans are also marital property. It may make little difference whose name the credit card is in. If the debt was acquired during the marriage and even if only some of the charges were for items for the couple the debt will generally be marital. Click Here to Read More.

Foreign Country Divorces

Many people believe that they can go to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti or another foreign country and obtain a “quickie” divorce without the knowledge or appearance of their spouse. Depending on your state’s divorce laws, this may or may not be recognized in this country. Click Here to Read More.

How Do I Change My Name Back to my Maiden After Divorce?

Each state has a legal process for undergoing a name change. This requires that a legal action to change your name be filed with the court and it can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Luckily, marriage and divorce are exceptions to that process. Click Here to Read More.